Eco-Friendly Practices

At Wilsha Candles, we're passionate about creating candles that not only light up your life but also light up the planet. We believe in the power of sustainable living and are committed to producing candles that are both beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Our candles and wax melts are made from natural, renewable soy wax, and infused with high-quality, phthalate-free fragrances, ensuring a clean and long-lasting burn. We steer clear of paraffin wax, which releases harmful toxins into the air when burned, and we never test on animals, so you can enjoy our products with a clear conscience.

In addition to using eco-friendly ingredients, we take pride in our packaging. We use recycled materials whenever possible, and our containers are designed to be reusable or recyclable, minimizing waste and environmental impact.

At Wilsha Candles, we understand that every small step towards sustainability counts, and we're dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet. Join us in illuminating the world with our eco-friendly candles, and let's light the way to a greener, brighter future together.